05 May 2020: F2 Home Learning

Monday 04 May 2020

See how many phase 2 or phase 3 phonemes you can write before the 2 minute timer finishes.


Words to Read:

Remember to blend each syllable and then put them together.

Words to Write:
1. near
2. tear
3. fear
4. beard
 Did you remember the trigraph ‘ear’?

Phonics Activity:  Write the sentence.
I can hear an owl hoot at night.
(Adult to read aloud)

Story of the week: What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson
1. Listen to the story again.

2. Can you make the animal noises?

3. Draw 3 of the animals with speech bubbles. What sound do they make?
4. Write the sound in the speech bubble.






Maths – shape
1. Cut out  different sized 2D shapes from paper.
2. Can you describe their properties? (number of sides and corners)

A circle has one curved side and no corners. 




A square is a regular shape.
It has 4 sides and 4 corners. 
All the sides are the same length.



A triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners.