05 May 2020 : Home learning

Monday 04 May 2020

Morning. Here are the tasks for today.


Draw some 2D shapes/draw round objects – cut/fold/draw a line showing half (the line is called a line of symmetry).

Reading – Words of week

These words are from the Owl and Pussycat poem from yesterday. Re-read the poem.

Read the three words.

Additional challenges : 1. Put each word into a sentence. 2. Find out what some of the other words in the poem mean (eg tarried, quince). 3. Re-write the poem in your very best handwriting.

Topic – Geography

Draw a map of your bedroom. Make a key to go with it to explain what you have drawn. Try to draw it from a ‘bird’s eye view’, as if you are looking down from above.

Challenge : Draw a map of another room in your house or of your garden.