06 May 2020: Home Learning

Tuesday 05 May 2020

We are halfway through the week! I can’t quite believe we are now into May. I’m so proud of you all during these strange times; you’re all doing so well.

Maths: angles

I hope the videos helped with yesterday’s learning. Please refer back to the videos to help you with today’s learning if you need to.

Year 5: angles on a straight line

Complete this practice makes perfect activity, re-capping on yesterday’s learning.

Year 6: quadrilaterals 

The activity today is a re-cap on yesterday’s learning about quadrilaterals and the interior angles of a quadrilateral.

Writing: hyphens and dashes

When do we use a hyphen? When do we use a dash? Can you remember the difference between the two?

Today, you are going to revise hyphens and dashes by following the BBC Bitesize lesson. 

Geography: capital cities

As part of Geography this half term, we would be learning the capital cities in Europe. Using an atlas or google maps, can you locate all the capital cities in Europe? Use this sheet to help you with the activity.

Once you’ve completed the activity, test yourself (and people in your family) to see how many you can remember!