06 May 2020: Home learning

Tuesday 05 May 2020

Good morning, Year 3 and Year 4 – you are halfway through another week!


Here are the answers to yesterday’s maths learning for Year 3 and Year 4.

Y3 Maths:
Here’s a link to a task on adding two three-digit numbers. This is a really important skill to revisit every now and then because there are some traps that are easy to forget about. Have a go at all three activities in this link.
During the video, they use the terms ‘number column’ and ‘carry’. Throughout school, we refer to these as ‘column addition’ and ‘exchanges’. In the title of activity two, they use the word ‘regrouping’. Again, we opt for saying ‘exchanges’. If you haven’t got a pack of playing cards for activity three, you could create what you need using some scrap paper.

Y4 Maths:

Here is a video for your maths learning and the task sheet.



Here are the answers to yesterday’s RIC.

We are going to have a look at Robert Falcon Scott again. Watch this clip again.  (There is also a transcript of the video available on this link if there is a problem with playing the video clip). Now, write a summary of Scott’s exhibition or draw a storyboard of the key events.


Today, head to BBC bitesize to carry on learning about your light topic. Here are your tasks to accompany BBC bitesize.