07 May 2020: Home learning

Wednesday 06 May 2020

Good morning Year 3 and Year 4.


Here are the answers to Year 4’s maths learning.

As tomorrow’s tasks will be slightly different due to the bank holiday, we’ll have our challenges day today instead. Here’s a link to another four problems from BBC Bitesize.

How many of them will you conquer? Answers are on the link too but suggested workings out will be posted tomorrow.

Here are some things to remember when approaching each challenge. Given the content, Challenge 4 might be more accessible to Year 4 than Year 3.
Top Tips – Challenge 1:
Read the text carefully to avoid falling into traps. Think about what ‘half’ means and for the second part in particular, think about ‘half’ isn’t.
Top Tips – Challenge 2:
Take time to understand the information that has been given. Bar modelling would help with this.
Top Tips – Challenge 3:
This is quite a long problem. Breaking it down into smaller chunks and  showing your working will help you to avoid mistakes.
Top Tips – Challenge 4:
You are asked to find two ways but can you find all solutions? Think about how you might approach this systematically (in order). It’s useful to remember that 1000ml = 1l .



Have a look at this video to learn about Edmund Hilary. Then, here is the text and the questions that are spoken about during the video.



This week, we are going to carry on learning all about Pentecost. Have a look at this video to hear more information about Pentecost and for your activity. (Here is a copy of the activity if you want it separately.)