07 May 2020: Home Learning

Wednesday 06 May 2020

Good Morning Year 5 and 6. The weather is starting to pick up again, so I hope you’re managing to get some fresh air and exercise.

Today’s learning…..


Year 5: watch the video on angles

Year 6: watch the video on circles

Writing: semi colons

Watch this video and listen to the words to remind you when we use a semi colon.

Writing: using bullet points

Follow the BBC Bitesize lesson about bullet points.

Art: optical illusions

Today, we are going to use our artistic talents! I am always amazed at optical illusions (where your eyes deceive your brain) and I find them fascinating. I thought we could all have a go at making our own!

Why are we doing this?

During this school year, we have been learning about different skills that can be used in paintings, drawings and sketches to improve our artistic abilities. Skills such as shading and colour choice are vital when improving form. This task is a great way to improve our skills and create an exciting optical illusion!

I would love to see some of your finished pieces – please email me nataliebeatson@spherefederation.org

How to get there: click here.