Maths lesson at home: Week 3- 15

Wednesday 06 May 2020

Good Morning!

There are a few extra resources to go along with today’s video:

  1. Numberblocks 15 video. Please watch the video whenever you like, either before or after the lesson video and ask the questions from the lesson slide.

2. Warm up sheet If you have access to a printer, it may be easier to print today’s one more / one less activity to complete. You can find the twinkl sheet by clicking the link below. Otherwise, pausing the video and writing out each of the numbers will work just fine too.


3. ‘Layering’ numicon We have been talking about ‘layering numicon’ as one method of working out the parts of the whole number. If you have microsoft office / powerpoint, you could use this powerpoint slide to drag the pieces and layer them over today’s focus number / number-shape.

click here to download the slide


Finally…. please click here to watch today’s maths lesson video.