11 May 2020: Home Learning

Sunday 10 May 2020

Please see today’s phonics lesson video.


Literacy Activity – Letter Writing
Write a letter to a family member or friend you are unable to see at the moment. You could tell them about the learning you have been doing and what other activities you’ve been up to. Remember to include: finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and to check your writing!

You could then put it in an envelope and go on a walk to post it in a post box.


Maths Activity- Number Story

Use toys at home to make a number story.

E.g. “First there were 6 teddies having a picnic. Then 3 more teddies came along to join them. Now there are 9 teddies altogether. Use the template below to record your learning.


Can you do a number story for subtraction?
E.g. “First there were 10 people on the bus. Then 2 people got off at the next stop. Now there are 8 people on the bus.”