11 May 2020: Home learning

Sunday 10 May 2020

Hi children,
How are you all? We hope that you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed
the bank holiday weather. Did anyone celebrate VE day on their street? I saw lots of my neighbours (from a distance) and it was lovely!

Maths:  Year 3 video learning and worksheetYear 4 video learning and worksheet. (Don’t forget to send copies of your wonderful work so that we can share it on the class news page.)

Reading: Today, you are going to find out about the amazing explorer, Ibn Battuta, who travelled for 29 years and covered over 75,000 miles! Wow! Find out how he travelled and what he saw along the way. Watch the BBC clip . (If the video doesn’t work, there is a transcript of the clip underneath.)
Take notes as you watch the clip. Choose five facts that you found the most interesting and write these into full sentences.
If you could interview Ibn, what would you ask him?
List five questions that you could ask him.

Topic: Mapping the world video learning second attempt (sorry the first one didn’t work for some reason.)
Go to the Bitesize link and watch the video. Read the text. (This recaps what Sue Venir has told us in the video.) Now play the quiz. (You can use the text above to help you.)
Did you get all 5 questions correct?
If you didn’t, you can always have another go at the quiz. (Remember, you can find the answers in the text and the video!)

Spellings: Revising the long  i vowel sound. Don’t forget, you can use the activity suggested or ANY method that helps you to learn the spelling pattern.