15 May 2020: Home Learning

Thursday 14 May 2020
Super Science! Exploring water…

Pouring, measuring, floating and sinking

Choose from the following activities:

·      Find a bowl and selection of containers suitable for using in water pouring activities. These might include pans, jugs, empty milk containers, plastic mugs, etc. Ensure the water is at a safe temperature. Empty and fill containers with the water. Which container holds the most? How many cups of water go into the pan? How many does it take to fill an egg cup? By using a washing up bowl, or a large mixing bowl you will be able to keep the quantity of water down to a minimum to avoid wastage. Scoop the water from the bowl into the receptacles.

·      Try some floating and sinking activities. This doesn’t just have to be objects. You could see if sprinkled pepper floats on the surface, or salt, shampoo, vinegar, flour, etc. Then you could try coins, a Lego brick, a lolly stick, a key, etc. You might even build a little boat, or improvise with an empty butter tub and see how much cargo it can hold until it sinks. Can you count the items?

Important vocabulary:

Literacy Activity – Letter formation

Use the laminated letter formation sheet handed out at parent’s evening and your whiteboard pen to practise writing each letter of the alphabet.

Let’s Go Shopping!-

Maths, Communication and Literacy Links!


·      Before you go shopping, you need to make a shopping list! Use your phonics to write down the items you need to buy today.

·      Role play visiting your shop with your grown-ups- how do you greet each other? How does the shop assistant know what you need? Do you need to ask for a bag? How will you end the conversation?

·      Write your own price labels and keep count of how much your shopping will cost in total (you might want to record it on a piece of paper to keep count) If you have coins (or if you have made your own), pay for your items by giving the correct amount.

The science and maths link activities today, were both taken from the Exciting Learning Opportunities Early Years pack by TTS. The link to this document was shared in yesterday’s home learning post.