20 May 2020: Home learning

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Happy Wednesday – you’re halfway through the week already!



Y3 – continuing on with our maths problem solving, here is your video with yesterday’s answers and today’s problem. Here is the problem if you wish to print it.

Y4 – Here are the answers to yesterday’s learning. Today, you are continuing with position and direction in today’s video. Here is the worksheet if you wish to print it.



Read through this exciting story starter and then answer the questions below. What do you think is going on? How mysterious …


Last week, we looked at verbs.
– A verb is an action or ‘doing’ word. It doesn’t always end in –ing.
This week, we are going to look at verb tenses.

Here is a video (with a quiz in it!) all about the present perfect tense along with a few questions to answer.