02 June 2020: F2 Home Learning

Monday 01 June 2020


1.Play – Flashcard Speed Trials

(Username: march20      Password: home)

2.Read the words below (dent, felt, gulp, lamp).

Parents: you could write them in your child’s home learning book if your child cannot read them on your device. 

3. Choose one of the words and write it in a sentence e.g. I turn on my lamp when it is dark.


  1. Listen and sing along to the video about the teen numbers.


2. Tomorrow we will be looking at the number 18. 18 is an even number. An even number is a number that can be split into 2 equal groups. Using Lego, counters or any other objects you have at home can you find any other even numbers between 0 and 18?

  1. Take a picture of your even number findings and email them to:


Book of the week: The Rainbow Fish

1.Listen to the story of the week.
2.Something special