05 June 2020: F2 Home Learning

Thursday 04 June 2020

1.Practise your letter formation in your home learning book.
2.Write the following digraphs.
Parents: Please read the digraphs to your child so that they do not copy them. They can then write them their home learning book.

3.Write a sentence to match the picture e.g. ‘I am looking at a book.’

**Challenge** Can you extend your sentence?

1. Fill in the missing numbers

2. Complete the minibeast counting sheet. How many minibeasts are in each hotel? See if you can work it out without counting.
For example, I know there’s 12 because I can see one ten and two ones.

Book of the week: The rainbow fish

1.Listen to the story of the week.
2.Use your story map to retell the story to somebody at home. For an extra challenge you could write your story!
You can use the actions and sentence starters below to help you.

Have a good weekend!