08 June 2020: Home learning

Sunday 07 June 2020

Hello everyone. We hope you had a good weekend, despite the wind and rain! Hopefully, now that Lockdown is easing a little, you have managed to see a few more people – from a safe distance, of course. I find it really hard not to hug friends and family that I haven’t seen for a while, but so far I’ve managed to keep that 2 metre distance. How are you getting on? We miss you all and look forwards to the time that we will see you again.

Maths: How did you get on with Friday’s challenge? Solutions here.

Today’s Y3 video learning from Mrs Rowley.

Continuing from last week,  Y4 have a final lesson on the 12x table from Mrs Alloway. (Scholes did this lesson last Thursday!)

Reading: Today we are thinking about prediction. Video learning and activity sheet.

Spellings: We are practising the spelling for the sh sound this week. Spelling strategies sheet.

PE: Dance challenge: It’s fun to dance and make our own routines up.  In June, children big and small are invited by imoves to take part and create their very own dance video. Here’s how it works. If you fancy having a go, follow this link. You don’t have to video your dance, but it’s important that you have fun!