9 June 2020: Home Learning

Monday 08 June 2020


ear, air, ure sound revist…


Use the link above to find the video for each of the trigraphs in phase 3. Watch the video and press the arrows to answer the questions.


Tens Frame Number Problems

You will need objects to use for counting, two ten frames (print or you can make/draw one)

Can you solve these number problems?

Indie has 12 pieces of chocolate, she gives 2 pieces to Elizabeth. How many pieces of chocolate does she have left?

Thea has 7 pom poms and Georgia has 6 pom poms. How many pom poms do they have altogether?

Charlie has 4 cars, Grayson has 2 cars and Joshua has 3 cars. How many do they have altogether?

Challenge: Iris has 6 oranges. She gives 2 oranges to Francesca and 2 oranges to Dylan. How many oranges do they each have?


Yesterday, you watched Mrs Palmer pot a plant. Now it’s your turn. Can you think of something to do/make that you will be able to write some instructions for? This could be making a model, making a smoothie, baking a cake, drawing a picture, washing your hands.

Once you have an idea, talk about what you need to do/make your activity?

Have a go at doing/making your activity.

Whilst you are doing your activity think about what happened first, next, after that, finally?