10 June 2020: Home Learning

Tuesday 09 June 2020


  1. Tricky words

Practise reading all of the tricky words.

You could also have a go at spelling the phase 2 and 3 tricky words using the look, cover and write method.

2.Words to Read:

Use your ‘phoneme fingers’ or point to the sound buttons to help. How many sounds are in these words?

3.Phonics Activity: Play ‘Musical Blending’

Write these words on separate scrap pieces of paper.

feet queen spin chip string pink rain train

Spread them out on the floor. Play some groovy tunes and dance away!

When the music stops jump on a word and blend it. Keep going until you have read all of the words.


Home learning Video – Focus number 19.

Click here


We are going to continue thinking about our instructions for our activity.

Can you remember how to do your activity from yesterday?

What do you need?

What happened first, next, after that, finally?

Can you verbally give the instructions to a family member?

Can they follow your instructions? Do they make sense?