15 June 2020: Home learning

Sunday 14 June 2020

Good morning everyone. We hope you have had a good weekend and have managed to enjoy some sunshine. Don’t forget, we love to hear from you and see the work that you have been doing. Here are our email addresses:                kerensawelsby@spherefederation.org and beckyrowley@spherefederation.org

Maths: This week in Maths we are focusing on Time and the lessons are for both Y3 and Y4. Here is today’s video learning  with Mrs Rowley.

Reading: This week we are basing our work on a newspaper article about seeds in space. Here is today’s video learning with Mrs Welsby, and text.

Spellings: This week we are focusing on the k sound when it is spelt ch. Here is the list.

Music: Sing a major scale. Click this link for the lesson from Miss Roberts at Oak National Academy.