18 June 2020: Home Learning

Wednesday 17 June 2020


Here are a few fun outdoor activities you could try at home, to practise those phase 4 blends. As many of us can’t see friends at the moment, you could make an obstacle course for family  members  instead.  You  could  try  one  or  two  activities  over  a few  days. 


Mathematical graphics – Can you draw 20 in different ways? Can you tell a number story about your picture?

Things your child could draw to show 20:


Challenge: Use objects at home to solve the following problem. Is 20 an even or odd number? How do you know?


Book of the week: Monkey Puzzle


  1. Listen to the story of the week.
  2. What happens in the story? What are the events?
  3. Retell the story to a grown up or draw a story map of events.