Humpty Dumpty and his aeroplane adventures.

Saturday 19 September 2020

Poor old Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and was scared to climb the wall again. He found a new love for flying paper aeroplanes but wasn’t quite sure how to make them or what to make them out of.

But fear not, Humpty, Year 3,4 are here to help!

During our science lessons, we have been experimenting with paper aeroplanes to find the best material and size plane for Humpty.

First, we checked we all knew how to make a paper aeroplane. To make sure that is was a fair test, we all had to make them the same.

Then we made three aeroplanes out of different materials; paper, sugar paper and card,  and tested how far they flew. We found the paper was the best!


Once we knew this, we were able to test which size plane was the best: A5, A4 or A3 sized paper.

We found A3 sized paper aeroplane flew the furthest whilst learning about how a science experiment must be a fair test, making predictions and how to ask scientific questions.