Wonderful writers!

Friday 04 December 2020

These past few weeks, we have been learning all about writing a setting description. We learnt all about using interesting adjectives, writing expanded noun phrases and using prepositional phrases. Year 3 and 4 have written some fantastic setting descriptions. They have transported the reader to Ancient Greece with the language and vocab they have used.


Here are just three (and it was hard to just pick three as there were many many pieces that were amazing!) of our setting descriptions. If you click on the child’s name you can see the original with their purple pen (editing after writing) and the highlights where they have spotted their fantastic vocab.



This was it. I was here to eat good food because at my town, it barely has any. As I looked around, I saw large mountains, some massive temples and people sitting in small houses. I could always hear people shouting and moaning at each other and fire burning. I could smell delicious food and the burning fire all day. I felt really embarrassed because I was really new and didn’t know anyone. I was the only one who didn’t know how to fight too. 57 beautiful houses covered the town, it was like a maze. One mountain was so big it went above the clouds and the largest temple wasn’t even inside the clouds! Some people were trying to break through the mountain. It probably isn’t possible though.



This was it. I was here to save a child who was being enslaved by the harsh King and has been there for many, many years. As I looked around, I saw an immense temple stood on top of the gigantic hill. Lots of colossal mountains were falling apart. I could smell fish from the market and all I can hear is the King shouting at his slaves whilst the wild animals fought with each other. I looked up at the spectacular, bright blue sky while the harsh wind blew in my face relentlessly. I felt inquisitive mostly because I really wanted to know what’s going on with Athens. Finally, I found her! I found the child! At night, I took her home, Back to her parents. She lived happily ever again and hopefully, I get to go on another adventure like this again.



This was it. I was here to defeat the eagle. As I looked around, I saw that the eagle was hungry. I took out my bow and then the eagle attacked! I was frightened but I persevered and did it. The eagle screeched loudly. The eagle was too powerful. I took out my golden sword. I took a shot and then another. It was finally dead. I went in the mountain and then a bat flew out. I carried on till I found the king eagle! He took a shot and I fell out but I survived the fall. But a tornado came. I ran away just in time. I put a sign down so nobody came round in the next day. I came back to defeat the tornado. The tornado broke the top of the mountain. I had changed my mind until I found special boots. I put them on then I thought I thought it could get rid of the tornado. I jumped in the tornado then I span around. I killed in the tornado in one shot.