Living and Learning: I recognise the importance of personal hygiene including handwashing

Wednesday 05 May 2021

This week, our living and learning session was all about recognising the importance of personal hygiene including handwashing.

We based today’s session on our dental hygiene. We started by thinking about what we already knew about dental hygiene.

We thought about the choices we make and how they affect our dental hygiene. We made two lists using the action cards: a good for our dental hygiene and a poor for our dental hygiene.

We had some interesting conversations about some of the actions. For example: is chewing gum good for you? Fruit is healthy so surely fruit juice is healthy for us too? Should we rinse our mouths after we have brushed our teeth?

We matched the actions we make with the consequences and results that happen.

Finally, we thought about all that we knew and listened to some scenarios and applied our knowledge to give advice to the children in our scenarios.