07 May 2021

Friday 07 May 2021
This week, our homework is Talk TimeI know the positives and negatives of gaming.
Currently, our whole school is enjoying a computing topic. In addition to learning lots of programming skills, we’ve been learning about online safety. Part of this learning requires us to understand how we can responsibly use the internet.
Online gaming is a great activity for people to do. There are many positives. However, we’re all aware of the negatives to online gaming. We’d like you to discuss this with your child. Here’s some sentence stems and questions that might help shape your discussion:
– A positive of online gaming is __________ because…
– A negative of online gaming is __________ because…
– I agree with what you said because…
– I disagree with what you said because…
– Is online gaming always a bad / good thing?
– Can you spend too much time gaming?
– What might happen if you spend too long gaming?
– Is it OK to play a game online?
– Are there any rules we should have in our house about online gaming?
This learning will be reviewed in class next week as part of our topic and Living & Learning sessions.