07 May 2021

Friday 07 May 2021

This week, the whole school has the same Talk Time homework:  I know the positives and negatives of gaming.

This half term, our topic is computing. For homework, we would like you to talk to someone about gaming and how it might have a positive or negative impact on our lives.

Here are a few points you may want to explore:

Do certain types of games have more of a negative/positive impact, why?
How does it impact on:
 social skills?
 communication?
 physical and mental health?
 perseverance?
 reading and maths skills?
 memory?
 concentration?
Be ready to discuss your ideas in class on Thursday 13 May.


Times Tables

This week, we will focus on the 11 x table.
Children should be ready for a test on Thursday 13 May 2021. Make sure you have a very quick recall of the multiplication facts up to the 11 x 12.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of questions children could be asked and the type of questions children could be practising in addition to the times table facts:
11,000 ÷ 100
1.1 x 10
99 ÷ 11 =
550 ÷ 11 =