Detectives at work!

Friday 07 May 2021

This week we’ve had a very busy week solving crime. On Tuesday, the children got straight into detective mode! We’ve looked for clues, taken (pretend) photographs, taken finger prints and measured footprints! It’s been a tough week, but we managed to solve the crimes! Check out our amazing detective skills!
On Tuesday, the crime scene was in the garden centre.
On Wednesday, the crime scene was in the home corner – they were shocked at the mess!
On Thursday, the crime scene moved to the construction area. This time there was a big boot!

We even spotted a police officer going to vote. We kindly asked her to come  and have a look at our crime scene. The children told her all about the different crime scenes and she was so impressed with our detective skills!
Today, there was an outline of someone’s body on the carpet. The children asked various teachers to lay in the outline to find out who it is. In the end, the culprit was Miss Marsden!
F2 started to learn about teen numbers. The children know that a teen number is made up on one ten and some ones. For example, 12 is made up of one ten and two ones. We’ve also been consolidating key skills such as part-part-whole, counting on, 1 more and 1 less and taking away.
F1 looked a different 2d shapes. They were fantastic at naming them and counting the sides and corners. They made robots using a selection of 2d shapes.

F2 used their plans to write their own stories based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Click on the links to watch some of the children reading their stories.
Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4
Story 5

The F1 children re-read the story and painted caterpillars using their fingers.
Next week, we will be continuing the minibeast topic and finding out about different invertebrates.

The F2 children have almost finished all of the phase 3 phonemes. We will be learning the final three next week: air, ure and er. Please continue to use their phase 3 sound mat at home on a regular basis.

Click here to see how much our caterpillars have grown!

Have a lovely weekend!