14 May 2021

Friday 14 May 2021

This week in spellings we have been learning how to add suffixes (letters added to the end of the word) and how the spelling of the word changes.

We’ve looked at different rules:

  1. double the last letter (shop becomes shopping)
  2. drop the e and add ing (decide becomes deciding)
  3. drop the y for and i

We also talked about some exceptions to this rule. Watch out for the ones that don’t quite fit the rule!

Task: Add the suffix to the root word and write the correct spelling. Think about which rule applies and watch out for the exceptions.

Choose a word from each line to write in a sentence.

Challenge: can you write a paragraph using all the words?


add -er                     add -ing                      add -ed

give              ________   __________    ____________

cry               ________   __________    ____________

grab            ________   __________    ____________

decide        ________    __________    ____________

sprint         ________    __________    ____________

copy          ________    __________    ____________