Active learners

Friday 18 June 2021

It’s been another busy week in the Foundation classroom.
The fantastic learning just keeps coming!

This week, we continued to look at The Hundred Decker Bus by Mike Smith. The children were amazing at retelling and remembering key events. The F2 children designed and wrote sentences about their own decks. We put all of the children’s decks together to make our very own Foundation 2 Decker Bus. Click here to view our bus.

Some children decided to continue their learning and make their own decker bus independently.
This week, our focus number was 18. Some children explored sharing 18 cubes into different groups.
“2 groups of 9”

“3 groups of 6”

“6 groups of 3”

We’ve also been thinking about halving. To support the children’s understanding, we practised sharing different quantities into 2 equal groups. On the carpet, we tried sharing 7 apples into 2 equal groups. The children noticed that there was 1 apple leftover. They suggested adding one more, taking the apple away, or making another group. After a long discussion, I explained that the number 7 is an odd number. Next week, we will continue to investigate odd and even numbers.
 Working at the car wash…
Last week, the children were observed using paintbrushes to clean just about everything in our outdoor area. Therefore, we decided to turn the road into a car wash.
Well, I’ve never seen a car wash so organised. The children loved washing the cars, scooters, and bikes. They were that good, I even thought about getting them to wash mine!
Outdoor Learning Journey Drop-In
Thank you to all the parents who came to the learning journey drop-in sessions. It was lovely to see how proud the children were when they were sharing their learning.

This half-term’s Christian value is Honesty. To help us understand what honesty means, we’ve been reading Pinocchio. On Thursday, the children worked in small groups to put the story pictures in order.
Outdoor Learning Day
On Monday, please make sure your child comes to school in a raincoat and their wellies. It could be a wet one!

Home-Link Challenge