A busy week!

Friday 25 June 2021

Outdoor learning day
Of course, the biggest highlight of this week was our outdoor learning day. The children were split into four groups and each group got a go at each of the activities. To end the day, we decided to make a huge puddle and get really wet! The children’s behaviour was amazing and we just had so much fun learning outside. Scroll down to Monday’s post to watch the video.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the F2 children looked at photographs from the day and wrote about what they did/enjoyed.

On Wednesday, the F1 children also wrote about the outdoor learning day in their group.

This week, our focus number was 19. When watching the Numberblocks 19 video, the children loved that 19 made lots of different crazy shapes. The video focussed on 19 being an odd number. A  group of children explored making their own crazy shapes using the cubes.

“capital letter L”

“wonky bird”


We’ve also been investigating which numbers are odd and which numbers are even. We divided different amounts of objects into pairs/groups of two to find out. The children were brilliant at noticing if there was an odd one!
We are coming to the end of Phase 4. After next week, we will focus on applying the phonics skills. The children will be encouraged to read and write longer words independently. To support your child, please keep practising the phonemes and tricky words at home.
This week, we talked about not needing to blend every word. I emphasised that they don’t need to segment every word if they know it. This will support their fluency. When reading at home, please encourage this.

Sports day is just around the corner so we thought we’d better start practising.  This week, they loved showing off their amazing running, jumping, skipping and balancing skills. It was great to see the children cheering on their peers, saying well done and having a positive attitude.
Some more highlights of the week…

Sharing the biscuits equally at the teddy bears’ picnic.

Our very own mini Euros football tournament.

Sorting real and nonsense words.

Practising our fine motor skills.

Working together to build a bridge for the train.

Making models.

The hula hooping experts!

Home-Link Challenge