Transition: Week 1

Friday 10 September 2021

This week, we welcomed our first group of Reception children. It was lovely to see all of you in your new uniforms! They’ve settled so well and have already started to show us what amazing things they can do! As always, the Reception classroom is a busy learning environment.

Click here to watch what we’ve been up to.

Every morning, we will encourage your child to be independent when doing their daily jobs. The jobs include: hanging up their coat, finding their name, choosing their lunch, and voting for a story.  When you drop off your child, a member of staff will always be available for a quick chat.


Things to remember…

Don’t forget to attend the Reception Zoom session next Wednesday.
It will provide an overview of some of the key aspects in early years.

We look forward to welcoming group 2 and 3 children next week!