17 September 2021

Friday 17 September 2021

Next week, we’ll be learning how the ‘ee’ sound can be spelled in lots of different ways. For example, in the word ‘breathe’, the letters ‘ea’ make the ‘ee’ sound but in the word ‘bee’ it’s the letters ‘ee’.

To help consolidate this learning, we’d like you to practise spelling these words at home over the week.

yellow group                                         blue group

believe                                                clean

breathe                                               key

beneath                                              queen

complete                                            team

extreme                                              teeth

increase                                             mean

money                                                theme

people                                                 treat

We’ll test ourselves on Friday 24 September to see how we’ve got on.

For some tips and tricks on how best to practise your spellings at home, visit the Y3,4 spelling page on our website and click here.