Maths – place value and counting

Friday 24 September 2021

We’ve been counting forwards and backwards from different numbers. We use a 100 square, number lines and songs to help us.

We have also been using a range of models to represent numbers.

We use real life examples to demonstrate how 10s and 1s can be used. Here we have 12 pens made up of one pack of 10 and two ones.

By seeing and making a range of representations, children are able to secure a deep understanding of numbers.

Most of the following representations focus on partitioning (splitting up a number into parts) a number into tens and ones.

The middle box on the bottom row shows 12 being made by cubes. The second picture in that box is to show how the cubes can be drawn. Children find it far quicker and easier to draw a long line to represent a ten than drawing a rectangle that is divided into ten squares.

Use these at home to support your child’s learning.