Living and Learning: mental health – understanding our emotions

Thursday 07 October 2021

This week, we have been learning how to recognise and describe different feelings in ourselves and others. The children were able to name a range of emotions/feelings and talk about times they had felt them themselves or recognise a feeling in a friend.

“When I was in Reception and I was going to come into Year 1, I felt nervous,” said Alba.

“I was amazed when my mummy set up a surprise for me,” said Emily.

“At lunch time I noticed my friend was feeling sad so I gave them a hug and I played with them,” said Kiara.

Afterwards we acted out some of the emotions. We thought about where in our body we might experience the feeling. What might happen to our face when we experience the feeling. What might happen to our body when we experience the feeling.

When we are anxious we might bite our nails.

When we feel nervous we might feel funny in our tummy.

When we feel bored we might put our head in our hands.

When we are feeling happy we might have a big smile on our face.

If we feel angry we might cross our arms and scowl.

We all practised experiencing a range of emotions.