Reception just love to learn!

Friday 08 October 2021

This week, our classroom has been bursting with positivity! I’m super proud of all the children.  At home time, the children are trying really hard to be independent and organise their own belongings. Independence is something we really encourage in Reception. When exploring the areas, new friendships are developing. Many children are wanting to challenge themselves and think of their own learning.  Take a look at the learning that has been taking place in our classroom this week:

In literacy, the children changed the main character and some of the obstacles the family went through on their bear hunt. Before drawing our versions of the story, we worked together to come up with lots of different ideas. The children came up with some fabulous suggestions. Below are some examples:

We’re Going on a Spider Hunt by CW
We’re Going on a Unicorn Hunt by PB
We’re Going on a Butterfly Hunt by DA

In maths, we moved on to learning the number 2. The children have been great at pairing the socks on the washing line in the home corner. We’ve explored 2 in lots of different ways…
We drew around our friends to spot pairs of body parts.

Counting pairs of animals into the Ark.

Using the part-whole model to support addition. See if your child can remember the parts to make 2.

We played a game where we had to get into groups of 1 or 2. An adult called out 1 or 2 and the children had to either stand in a hoop alone or in a pair.

Number 2 number stories

“First there was one wet me. Then Mummy came along. Now there is me and Mummy.”

“First there was one bird. Then it had a baby. Now there are two birds.”

“First there was one tree. Then another tree started to grow. Now there are two trees.”

We’ve finished learning the first set of phase 2 sounds: s,a,t,p,i,n.
The children are brilliant at saying the pure sounds. It’s great to see lots of children beginning to blend. This week, the children were really excited when they received their first reading book. Please make sure you read with your child as much as possible.

Word passports
Today, your child will have brought home their word passport. This book is to stay at home. Every two weeks, your child will bring home a new set of words to stick in their passport. The new set of words will be in their book bag.

Important dates
Home-Link Challenge