12 November 2021

Friday 12 November 2021

Next week, we’ll be learning about the spelling rules for suffixes:

Adding the suffixes –ed and -ing

To help consolidate this learning, we’d like you to practise spelling these words at home. A mixture of both endings will be tested on Friday 19th November.

It is really important that your child  practises in the way that best suits them. For some tips and tricks on how best to practise your spellings at home, visit the Y3,4 spelling page on our website and click here.

Y3                                                                                           Y4

help      – helped      -helping                                   answer      – answered      -answering

laugh     – laughed    – laughing                              laugh     – laughed    – laughing

hiss       – hissed       – hissing                                surprise      – surprised      – surprising

beg       – begged      – begging                              learn       – learned      – learning

rob        – robbed      – robbing                               notice        – noticed      – noticing

hate       – hated       – hating                                  help       – helped       – helping

live        – lived         – living                                    cry        – cried         – crying

smile     – smiled     -smiling                                   smile     – smiled     -smiling