Art trip to Leeds Art Gallery

Thursday 18 November 2021

Wow! What a fantastic visit to Leeds Art Gallery. First, we got onto the coach. A lot of the children hadn’t experienced a coach before so they were very excited. We talked about how to keep safe on a coach – especially wearing seatbelts safely.

When we arrived we lay down to take in all of the shapes we could see in the gallery. The ceiling had lots of shapes and textures. We have been learning about shapes and textures in Art this term. The children then drew the shapes they could see onto the paper. We talked about how we had now created abstract art -art that is changed from real life. We then explored the art gallery. We talked about the textures and shapes we could see in the artwork. We also explored the story the artists may be trying to tell us.
The children particularly enjoyed moving their body into different shapes when interpreting the art they could see.
What a fantastic day! Well done, Year 1 and 2.