19 November 2021

Friday 19 November 2021

Next week, we’ll be learning about comparative suffixes. We will be practising adding ‘er’ and ‘est’ to root words. Practise spelling the root word, then the root word + the suffixes.

root word -er -est
tall  taller  tallest
small  smaller  smallest
root word ending in e  drop e    add -er drop e     add -est
nice  nicer nicest
late  later  latest
brave  braver  bravest
root word ending in y  swap y for i       add -er swap y for i      add -est 
funny  funnier  funniest
happy  happier  happiest

It is really important that your child practises in the way that best suits them. For some tips and tricks on how best to practise your spellings at home, visit the Y3,4 spelling page on our website and click here.