Rainbow science, Matisse and Christmas

Friday 26 November 2021

This week, we’ve had lots of fun being scientists. In Literacy, we read Potion Commotion by Peter Bently. After reading the story, we had a go at making a rainbow with Skittles. First, the children helped by placing the Skittles in a circle on the white plate. Before pouring the warm water onto the plate, we talked about making predictions and what that word means.
“I think it will make a rainbow.”
“I think the Skittles will turn white.”
“I think the water will turn purple.”

When the water was poured, the children observed carefully what was happening.
“Wow! It’s a rainbow.”
“The Skittles are turning white.”
“They are disappearing.”

After the experiment, the children wrote a sentence about what they saw.

On Tuesday, we had a go at another rainbow experiment. This time, we used felt tips, a piece of kitchen roll, and some water. We made predictions and then observed to see if we were right.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Who says it’s too early to put up the Christmas tree?

Writing Christmas wish lists.

Getting the home corner ready for Christmas.

Making cvc words using phoneme baubles.

Wrapping presents in Santa’s workshop.

The children have made their calendars. We used Matisse’s cut-outs as inspirations for our calendars. They will be bringing them home at the end of this half-term. Click here to see a sneak peek.

In maths, we finished learning all about the number 5. The children are fantastic at recalling number bonds to 5.

Making 5 using the balance scales.
The children put the Numicon pieces 5 in one side and had to work out which pieces could go in the other side to make it balance.

Using Christmas hats to help us with part-whole models.
How many children are wearing a hat?
How many children are not wearing a hat? 

Drawing pictures that represent 5 inside a handprint.

Subitising arrangments of dots up to 5 and matching them with the correct numeral.

Using beanbags to help us with part-whole models.


Home-Link Challenge

Finally, thanks to all the parents that have brought in a star costume for the Christmas production. We look forward to posting the performance for you to enjoy watching at home with your child.

 Have a lovely weekend!