Ice, maths and chilli challenges

Thursday 02 December 2021

It was a chilly one Monday morning!
The children were amazed at how thick the ice was on our tuff trays. After lunch, we brought the ice inside and decided to do some ice painting.

Chilli challenge number 3 
The Christmas cards are ready!
These will be coming home with the calendars.

Chilli challenge number 4
The children explored navigating Bee-Bots around the mat to get to one of the Christmas pictures. They had lots of fun watching the Bee-Bots move in different directions.

The Naughty Elf has been very cheeky!
On Wednesday, we found him doing snow angels in the flour.
On Thursday, he was swinging off the Christmas covered in toilet paper!
I  wonder what he’ll be doing tomorrow…
Fantastic maths!
Number 6 is our new focus number. We watched the Numberblock 6 video and talked about what 6 makes us think of.
“6 spots on a dice.”
“6 is the biggest number on the dice”
“6 spots on the wooden ladybird”
“2 and 2 and 2”
“5 and 1”

After the maths input, the children explored making an insect with 6 legs and 6 eyes.

“2 legs on this side and 4 legs on this side.”

“3 legs here and 3 legs here”

“My insect has got 6 eyes. 2 and 2 and 2.”

“My insect has got 6 eyes and 6 legs.”

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5… I need one more leg.”

Some of the children played a track game using 10 hoops and a die. Before starting the game, they were asked to work together to make a track of 10 hoops. We observed some amazing counting and teamwork! The children took turns to roll the dice, subitise and move along their tracks.
“I need 2 more.”
“I need 3 more.”
“I need 3…I can still move because I got 2… Now I only need one to win.”
“I’m one more than you.”
“I think … could win because he only needs one more.”

Library Books
Your child will have a library book in their book bag. Please look after this book at return it next Thursday so your child can choose a new library book.

Finally, this week we’ve been reading The Christmas Story. To help us remember the story, we used some actions. Click here to watch us retell the story.

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