Living and Learning: physical health and fitness

Thursday 02 December 2021

During our Living and Learning lessons we have been describing some ways we are physically active throughout the day. We thought about all the things we had done since waking up that morning and being in our lesson. The children came up with lots of ideas:

“I rode my scooter to school.”

“I walked up and down my stairs 3 times.”

“I walked to school.”

“We did Wake Up Shake Up.”

We have also been explaining why it is important to rest and get enough sleep, as well as being active.

“If we don’t sleep we will be tired at school and won’t be able to do our learning.”

“We might get poorly, like get a cold.”

“We need to sleep to grow.”

“If we don’t exercise our body won’t be strong.”

We have also discussed how an hour of physical activity is important for good health. We thought about who can help us to keep healthy and how?

“Your friends, family and teachers can help you.”

“Drink lots of water.”

“Eat healthy food and eat breakfast.”

“Keep your body and teeth clean.”

“Exercise like swimming and dancing.”