Happy New Year!

Friday 07 January 2022

Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas. It was lovely to see lots of happy smiling faces when I opened the classroom door on Tuesday morning. We particularly enjoyed listening to all of their wonderful Christmas memories.

Now that Christmas is over, we head into a very cold and frost half-term. However, we love the frosty weather in Reception because it’s a fantastic stimulus for our ‘mini’ topic: Frozen Planet. Throughout the next three weeks, we will investigate ice, use our senses to describe how the weather has changed. We will also look at the coldest regions on Earth and learn about different Polar animals.

This week the children enjoyed being back with their friends and have been settling back into their daily routines.
Here are some highlights from a fantastic first week back.
Making igloos with sugar cubes.

Reading the new winter books in the igloo.

Making different arrangements with five 2d shapes.

The small world and construction area was a very busy area this week. We saw lots of great teamwork, designs, and building skills.

Yesterday, your child brought home a letter explaining our new phonics scheme (Little Wandle) and the new Collins e-books. Please make sure you read this letter. If you have any questions about this, please do ask!
Moving forwards, your child will read in school at least three times a week. After your child has read in school,  your child will be assigned the same book as an e-book every Friday for them to show off their reading skills. They will also bring home an extra physical book to read at home.
Library books will continue to be changed every Thursday.

What will my child bring home to support their reading?


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