It’s Electrifying!

Friday 07 January 2022

We’ve kicked off the term with a new science topic ‘Electricity’ by discussing electrical appliances in and around our home. Our first sparky discussion was “What is electricity? What does it do?” – there’s so much to learn!  Here’s a helpful bbc clip.

Why not have this discussion at home?

This week, we’ve learned about mains and battery operated appliances and realised that some are actually both!

In the forthcoming weeks, we will be creating our own circuits from wires, batteries and bulbs and why they work (or don’t work!), so watch this space.  Here are the scientific words children will be learning.

electricity a type of energy used to power appliances
appliance a piece of equipment used to perform a specific task
components the items that make up a circuit
battery a portable electricity supply
cell the specific name for a battery
circuit the path followed by an electrical current
wire used to connect components together
insulator a material through which electricity cannot flow
conductor a material through which electricity can flow