Our busy week!

Friday 14 January 2022

We’ve been busy again this week! There are two weather charts in our classroom and the children really enjoy looking at the weather each day and taking turns to record it. As it’s been quite chilly, we’ve been discussing the best clothes to wear outdoors to keep ourselves warm and dry. Our current theme is: ‘Winter’ and we’ve been decorating snowflakes, playing ‘throw the snowball’ and talking about animals who live in cold climates. One of our other outdoor games this week has been: ‘find the penguins’ where the children worked in two teams to see which team could collect the most penguins. We’ve also tried wax-resist painting, taken a pretend trip on a ‘magical classroom bus’ designed by the children (first stop was a well-known local supermarket) and exercised our gross-motor and balance skills.

Our focus number for the next week is: one and we will explore its position on a number line and look for it in the environment around us.

If you have any photos of family celebrations or weekend events, we would love to see them. Please email them to: