What a super week!

Friday 28 January 2022

In literacy, we found out lots of new facts about penguins and compared the two polar regions. The children chose their favourite fact and wrote it in a sentence.

In music, the children continued learning about pulse through movement. They listened carefully to the song When the cold wind blows again and responded appropriately by using coordinated movements with the parachute.

In maths, the children continued to develop their understanding of composition, or the numbers within numbers. We used the Hungarian number pattern (die pattern) to  explore ways to represent numbers. By using this die pattern, it is helping the children understand  the ‘5-ness’ of 5.

We started by sing the ‘5 Little Aliens in a Flying Saucer’ song to help us see remember the pairs of numbers that make 5.  When another alien joined the gang, they quickly realised there was no space! HN said, “We need to build another spaceship.” Therefore, we used a double dice frame to begin to explore 6 and 7 as numbers that are composed of ‘5 and a bit’.

 Outside, the children had fun making their own track games for their friends to play.

Have a look at what else we have been up to this week.

Home-Link Challenge

Finally, a new maths app has come out called 1-minute maths. If you download the app, we recommend using the subitising section.