Living and learning – staying safe

Friday 11 February 2022

This week, our living and learning statement is –  I can assess my own risks.

We started by looking at the definitions of the words danger and safe.

What is danger? A cause of harm or injury

What is safety? Keeping free from harm or danger

The children were shown a risk ladder and had to sort activities based on their level of risk.

This led to some lovely discussions all around what is a low risk, medium risk or high risk.

“I think answering the telephone is a medium to high risk because you might not know who it is. You should let a grown up answer the phone,” said Emily.

“I think going online is a high risk because someone might try to talk to you when they shouldn’t. We shouldn’t tell our name or address to anyone online,” said Christian.

“I think taking a bath is low risk if your grown up is there to keep you safe,” said Beau.

“I think helping an adult in the kitchen is low risk because they are there to watch and help you,” said Shae.

At the end of the session we came up with 5 top tips to keep safe at home.

  1. Always ask a grown up for help when cooking in the kitchen.
  2. Never touch a hot oven.
  3. Tidy your toys so you or your family don’t trip over them.
  4. If you need to use scissors, never run with them, only walk and hold them by their sharp end.
  5. Always ask a grown up if you can go online and never give out your personal information.