This week’s bible story

Monday 21 March 2022

Peter’s story (Based on Mark 8.27-38, Mark 14.15-72 and John 13.36-38)

Have you ever told a lie to keep yourself from getting into trouble? You don’t have to answer the question out loud, just to think about it.


Have they ever let a friend down, rather than get into trouble? Again, don’t answer outloud, just remember how it felt if they have.


In the bible, Jesus had 12 disciples – these were special friends of his that helped him. One of his closest friends was a man called Peter. Peter, even though he was Jesus’ friend, was someone who did both of those things. Read Peter’s story (Based on Mark 8.27-38, Mark 14.15-72 and John 13.36-38)


Why do you think Peter behaved as he did. Peter was confused: how could anything so awful happen to God’s Special One?; his fear of arrest; his fear of the palace guards; his courage in following Jesus as far as he had; his loyalty to his friend despite his cowardice.

How do you think Peter felt when he heard the cock crow. Do you think he could ever be friends with Jesus again?

Jesus meet Peter again for the first time after he had risen from the dead. He asked Peter three times if he loved him, once for each time he had denied him (John 21.15-19). Jesus told Peter then that he would have an important part to play in telling the world about him; and he did – but that’s another story!


Dear God,
When we are frightened:
Please help us.
When we don’t know what to do:
Please help us.
When we are tempted to lie:
Please help us.
When we let our friends down:
Please help us.
When we are sorry and want to make amends:
Please help us.