Living and Learning: health and prevention

Monday 28 March 2022

Our Science and Living and Learning lessons have been all about microbes, handwashing, the importance of sleep and the use of antibiotics in keeping us healthy and treating illness.

We have talked about how microbes can be harmful but also how some can be good for us. We have set up an experiment about growing mould. We are testing to see which conditions encourage the growth of mould.

Washing our hands is really important. All the children could all talk about this, with our experiences of Covid-19.

This week, the children learnt about antibiotics and how this medication can help to make our bodies feel better when we have a bacterial infection.

Antibiotics are special medicines used to treat bacterial diseases, such as meningitis, tuberculosis and pneumonia. They do not harm viruses or fungi. Some antibiotics stop the bacteria reproducing and others kill the bacteria.

Throughout their lesson, the children found out about the discovery of Penicillin and which illnesses can be treated using antibiotics.

Here’s a quick family quiz.