Welcome back!

Thursday 21 April 2022

It was so lovely to see all the smiling faces when we returned to school on Tuesday. We started off the week by having lots of chats about what the children had been doing over the Easter break and we are glad to hear that everyone had a good holiday.

Our new theme for the next half-term is ‘Minibeasts’ and we’ve already been busy learning about spiders. The children have enjoyed listening to ‘Spider Sandwiches’ by  Claire Freedman and we’ve been discussing the ingredients we may need to make some of the delicious recipes in the book. How about a nice bowl of ‘lice rice’, anyone? The children have been writing recipes to go into our cookbook and they have been taking orders in our rainforest cafe. We’ve been looking at the minibeasts on our investigation table and drawing spiders at the creative table. We’ve also been counting spiders and thinking about the amount of legs they have, too.

The weather has been beautiful so we’ve been outside a lot this week. On Wednesday, the children enjoyed washing our outside vehicles and we’ve also been exercising our gross motor skills by playing games with hoops. Inside, we’ve been doing lots of mark-making and looking at letter formation. A very busy week indeed!

Next week, we’ll be learning about our new focus number (the number 5) and we’ll also be planting out the herbs which we began growing on the window ledge of our classroom. Our beans are already doing really well outside and will shortly need sticks for support! I wonder whose beanstalk will be the tallest?

Things to remember:

As the weather is getting warmer, please bring a hat into school for your child.

Please remember to name your child’s clothes, shoes and water bottles.

Many thanks.