Living and Learning: I can take part in democratic decisions.

Monday 25 April 2022
I can take part in democratic decisions is our Living and Learning statement this week.
We began our lesson by asking the question, who rules the UK?
The queen is in charge.
Boris Johnson makes all the important decisions.
The police make decisions.
What is democracy?
Democracy is a key feature of life in countries such as ours. We want to promote democracy as a way for people to have a say in what goes on.
Did you know …
We went on to discuss fairness and equality. For their task, the children were given a bank of words relating to democracy. They worked with a partner to find the definitions for each word. If the words were not in the dictionary then we used Google to search.
Can your child tell you the meaning of these words?
  • fairness
  • justice
  • liberty
  • freedom
  • majority
  • law
  • government