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Friday 20 May 2022

Our school vision is to be a happy and healthy place to achieve and believe. This week, we’ve seen so many children believe in themselves and achieve in many areas of their learning.
Even when things were a bit tricky, they persevered and achieved.
Well done  Reception!

In maths, we built on our previous skills to compare attributes and quantities. Through practical activities and games, we thought carefully about which number is more or less. We used linear number tracks to play games that encouraged us compare numbers that are far apart, near and next to each other. (For example, 10 is a lot more than 2 but 5 is only 1 more than 4.)

In the maths area, we continued to explore number bonds to 10. We used part-whole model plates to support our learning.
In literacy, we used our actions to recap Walking through the Jungle. We had a go at writing our own story. Before writing our stories, we made a list of other rainforest animals. We also thought about how they might move through the jungle.
Check out what else we’ve been up to!

Home-Link Challenge
Gary the giraffe has made some number 10 towers. Can you work out the number bonds he has made?
Next week, we’ll be having a fun-filled week of Jubilee activities!
Have a lovely weekend.