RE: A special visitor

Monday 23 May 2022

Today, we welcomed Mrs Maqbool into our class to talk about her Muslim faith. Mrs Maqbool spoke to the class and ended her session with some questions and answers. The children’s attitudes and behaviours were outstanding and the respect shown towards Mrs Maqbool was very mature indeed!

The children’s questions were appropriate and interesting.

Why can’t Muslims eat pork? – Eliza

What foods are eaten during and after Ramadan? – Will

Why do you pray five times a day? – Phoebe

Have you been to Mecca? – Mrs Freeman

Why is cleanliness so important? – James

Is it disrespectful to disturb someone when they are praying? – Kamile

Thank you Mrs Maqbool for giving up some of your time to visit us. We really enjoyed it!