Science: Pollination

Wednesday 25 May 2022


Today, we have been biologists. Can your child tell you what a biologist studies?

How to Become a Biologist? | Ask A Biologist

The children learnt about pollination. Pollination must happen so flowers can grow seeds.
In the pollination process:
Male parts of a flower produce pollen and female parts produce eggs.

To make a new plant, one pollen has to join up with one egg.

How does the pollen travel?

The pollen has to get from one flower to another flower.

Some flowers use insects to do this. Some use the wind to carry the pollen instead. The children studied the diagram below to see how pollen is transported.

How to draw Pollination of flowers diagram || step by step || easy science  project || save the bees - YouTube

Next, we looked closely at the male and female parts of a flower.

Female parts produce eggs and this is called the stigma.

Male parts of a flower produce pollen and this is called the stamen.

Using some tulips, which are a type of flower, the children began to dissect the flower and examine the different parts.

Ask your child about this learning. What can they remember? How did they group the parts of the flower?